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Mobile technology has taken over the world from Blackberry’s to iPhones, from Galaxy Tablets to iPads we have all become so dependent on our devices that we couldn’t imagine a world without them. So, imagine a world with them but without power! What’s the point. A gadget junky like myself needs all my devices running all the time. I am never caught without at least one of my gadgets and the biggest challenge tech junkies like myself face is power. Power is a commodity that we take for granted on a daily basis until our gadgets run low on juice and that’s mostly at the time we need it most.

I have recently purchased a Powermonkey extreme manufactured by Powertraveller Limited, a leader in power management equipment. This particular model is a waterproof, shockproof, rugged and solar powered charger that comes with all possible combinations of plugs to charge your mobile device. It contains a 9000mAh Lithium Polymer battery has a 5V USB output for your mobile phones and a 2.1 AMP DC output for iPads, Tablets and Netbooks. It can be charged using either the international mains charger, solar panel or via USB from an alternative power source.

This is the ultimate companion for those out on adventure, construction sites, on the road or even running around in the concrete jungle. The Powermonkey can charge your iPad or Tablet 1-2 times, iPhone/ Smartphones 4-6 times, GPS Devices 4-6 times and other mobile phones 8-12 times. The Powermonkey extreme in its entirety only weighs 460g.

For those who prefer the specifics you can charge your iPod, iPhone and iPad products using the USB sync/charge cable supplied by Apple. Tips included in the kit are for the latest Blackberry, Garmin, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nintendo, Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson. Mini USB, Micro USB and female USB DC Cable for Apple iPod, iPhone and iPad, DC4.0 for PSP, eReaders and some digital cameras.

The Powermonkey extreme is a product I think all tech junkies should have, I have come across many cheap power management options which were more of a nuisance and included solar panels but none of them can match the superior build and versatility Powertraveller has put into the Powermonkey extreme. So next time your out on an adventure, look out for me with my solar panel attached to my backpack all charged up!

Paul Harrison


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