Is your iPhone water damaged?

Oops! I have just dropped my iPhone 3G / iPhone 3GS / iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S into water, what should I do? If this ever happens to you follow the following steps.

1. Remove your iPhone immediately from the water and switch it off. Do not switch the iPhone on at anytime during this process as it could create a short on your circuit board.

2. Dry the iPhone from any excess water using a towel or dry clean cloth. NB: Do not use a hairdryer as the pressure could push the water further into the iPhone.

3. Find yourself a clean dry zip-lock, plastic bag or container slightly bigger than your iPhone and insert dry rice (or silica) into the bag or container, just enough to emerge the iPhone completely into the rice/ silica.

4. If your iPhone was immersed in the water for under 2 minutes leave the iPhone in the rice for approximately 3 days. If it was immersed in the water for longer then leave it in the rice/ silica for a week to 10 days. Please do not switch the iPhone on at any point until the iPhone is completely dry.


by Paul Harrison

NB: For a higher rate of success on this matter contact iSupport  on 011 958 2529 or visit our iPhone Repairs page. follow steps 1-3 above and then visit us. We will ensure that all the moisture has been removed before switching on your iPhone.

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