Identify an original iPhone from a fake?

Recently I have been asked  by James Smith to write an article on, “how to identify an original iPhone from a fake”. So here is a list of how I would identify an original iPhone from a fake. Thank you James for this recommendation.

Please remember that these are not isolated things that the original iPhone has, but a complete list of what all original iPhones will have.

  1. iPhones by default use iTunes to activate and sync content (music, podcasts, photo’s, videos etc.)
  2. iPhones do no not have expandable memory (facility for SD, Micro SD cards and Memory Stick etc. )
  3. iPhones batteries are not easily accessible without the use of a star or pentalobe screwdriver.
  4. iPhones have glass screens and respond only to touch or specialized stylus with a metal shaft for conductivity. (iPhones will not respond to the touch of a pen or a regular stylus etc.)
  5. iPhones screens are synonymous for clarity and vivid colours.
  6. iPhones only have one facility for a sim card, so if an iPhone has a facility for a dual sim it’s a fake.
  7. iPhones have a removable tray called the sim tray to house the sim card, it is removed using a sim ejection tool or a paperclip.
  8. iPhones battery pull equivalent, is done by holding down the sleep/wake button and home button simultaneously for about 10 seconds, the screen will go black and a silver apple will appear. If you push these two buttons quickly a screenshot will be taken, this is also unique to an iPhone or iPod touch.
  9. iPhones do not have built in TV’s (believe it, I’ve seen these)
  10. iPhones have for a long time used a 30 pin connector for charging and recently moved to the new lightning connector, they have never used mini or micro USB plugs directly on the iPhone.

Please note that this brief summary is what I use to identify a real iPhone from a fake. There are a lot more ways to sift out the fakes but these have been the ones that are most consistent.

Paul Harrison

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