Common items that require repairs on an iPad

So you have a brand new iPad, playing Boggle, Angry Birds or any of the other games, and off course a little work as well. You put your iPad on the table, grab your Macbook and forget your iPad is still attached to it with the sync cable, whack! down it goes and now you could be looking at a very expensive iPad repair.

Types of Damage – Most iPad repairs are ver similar to the iPhone which is damaged by user fault i.e. dropped and mis-handled items. This will likely result in the front glass cracking, and if you are really unlucky even the LCD could need replacing as well. Generally the front glass, which includes the glass and digitiser, can be replaced relatively easy by a professional like us without too much fuss, we can offer same day iPad repairs for this type of damage. The iPad LCD is also another commonly replaced component that can be replaced in about an hour or so.

Water Damage – Like all electronic devices the iPad does not play well with water. Most iPads that have had water damage just need to have their internal connectors checked and cleaned or even replaced where required, and often also need the LCD replaced.

Back Case Damage – The back iPad casing is relatively strong however this can be dented easily through miss handling which may also result in a cracked glass and LCD as mentioned above. Generally the repairer will offer two options when needing the back casing repaired, they can replace the entire back casing, a very expensive exercise, or they can attempt to bend the casing back to get it as close as possible to the original form. In the second instance you will usually still see a slight indent or marking where the bend was, but this is a much cheaper option. At our centre if you replacing the front glass and the back casing isn’t too damaged, we don’t charge anything additional to bend it back.


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