Battery pull on iPhone?

Like you, I had many mobile phones before getting an iPhone, some basic and some really smartphones. What I have always come to realize is that no matter how complex or “smart” a mobile phone is, it always seems to freeze or misbehave at the most crucial times. Well, back then all we needed to do was a battery pull, right? This still seems to be a common fix for Blackberries, Samsung and other big name smartphones in the market place today.

So the question is, how do we do a battery pull on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch? It’s quit simple you don’t because the battery cannot be easily removed, however the same result can be achieved by doing a “soft reset”. This can be achieved by holding the top power (on/off) button and the home button (on the front ) simultaneously until an apple appears on your screen and you’re good to go! This action does not delete any content on your iPhone but restores the original functionality of the iPhone. This is a quick simple fix to minor problems.

If your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch fails to respond, your problem might be more serious, either one of your buttons are faulty or possibly your touch screen is faulty. In this case, contact “The Apple Centre” for an assessment.

Paul Harrison

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