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Is your iPhone water damaged?

Oops! I have just dropped my iPhone 3G / iPhone 3GS / iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S into water, what should I do? If this ever happens to you follow the following steps. 1. Remove your iPhone immediately from the water and switch it off. Do not switch the iPhone on at anytime during this […]

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What can be repaired on your iPhone?

The iPhone is a smartphone developed by Apple. The first iPhone was released in June, 2007 and an updated version has been released roughly every year since then. Yet with all the features there sometimes arises the need for phone repairs. What is an iPhone? Apple’s first Internet-enabled smart phone, the phone combines the features […]

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Quick, Affordable iPhone Repairs

Nowadays, iPhones have become so popular that one can find every other person in large cities carrying an iPhone. As the iPhones are extremely fragile and prone to breakage, iPhone repair business has seen a tremendous growth in the recent past. Professional repair services for iPhone repairs are now offered at almost every cell phone […]

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